Patient Testimonials

Real-life stories that will provide a renewed hope and courage for patients and caregivers as they undergo their own cancer journey.

At Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network (CCRAN), we are in the privileged position to support, educate, and advocate for patients and their caregivers as they undergo their colorectal cancer journey.
These are personal accounts shared by patients, survivors, and their loved ones. They provide personal perspectives on how they were assisted by CCRAN throughout the most difficult and vulnerable moments of their lives as they navigated the health care system; obtained pertinent, evidence-based information on the management of the disease; and were assisted to reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and distress.

Additionally, testimonials have also been provided by experts who have partnered with CCRAN to ensure we collaborate in a meaningful and evidence-based manner, as we strive to optimally support our patients at all times. These are the stories of strength and perseverance that are the makings of everyday heroes.

Steve Slack

The Power of Mindset
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Hayley Painter

Using Her Experience to Help Others…
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Liborio Gurreri

In Honour of My Daughter, Josie
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Theresa Fielding

Theresa’s Journey to NED
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